IDES, fabrication au Brésil de tourteau de soja NON OGM
IDES, fabrication au Brésil de tourteau de soja NON OGM         

Made in Brazil: Non GMO Soybean meal and soybean oil

The IDES Group exports soybean meal made in Brazil with the possibility of fortification with biomass proteins.


Soybean meal marketing with adapted logistics allowing the total traceability of the products.


To ensure that our non GMO soy's quality is up to the highest of standards, the IDES Group works side by side with many farmers. 


If we take into account the fact that production of non GMO soybean is the key, IDES is proud to have a very capable team, working side by side with key actors, all the while ensuring rigorous quality and keeping up with our clients' tight scheduling constraints. 


The IDES Group positions itself as a first rate supplier of non GMO soybean meal and soybean oil.


Present in many countries, our group has many branches.


Almost half of the protein consumed by French cattle come from South America and most of it is imported from Brazil.


Soybean processing

The soybeans can be crushed for the manufacture of the soybean meal.


In addition, soybean meal can be entichi through an innovative process to meet the needs of poultry and fish feed.


This product range provides a wide range of unequal supplies to the animal feed markets and makes the IDES group the preferred source for your oilseed needs.


Nos coordonnées en France :

IDES sas

19, Avenue d'Italie

75013 Paris

TVA intracommunautaire:



IDES BIO sas (J.E.I)

ThincLab Chalons

1, PL de la Comédie

51000 Châlons-en-Champagne

TVA intracommunautaire: FR52824417240


Nos coordonnées au Brésil:



Rua Presidente Getulio Vargas, 603  s/03

CEP 83.203-020  Palmital – Paranagua – Parana -  Brésil

CNPJ n. 28.808.486/0001-08