IDES, fabrication au Brésil de tourteau de soja NON OGM
IDES, fabrication au Brésil de tourteau de soja NON OGM         

Our Team

Benefefiting from a standing experience of several years and of a great deal of contracts with its many clients, the IDES group team is determined to bring you the best service in the market. 


The associates



CEO - IDES sas

Director General - IDES BIO sas

Ph.D in International Tax and Economic Law 









  • Specialist in the transfer price of intangible property rights practiced by multinational firms. 
  • Consultant in Business Development for French companies, certifying their external growth in the Brazilian market.  



Director General  - IDES sas
IDES Group Industrial Marketing Director
Ph.D in organizations sciences 
  • Former Commercial Director, former Purchasing and Quality Director in many companies and considerable french and american firms. He was also in charge of an industrial project in Brazil. 
  • CFO of a strategic consulting and commercial intermediation company. 





R&D Director - IDES BIO sas

Ph.D in inorganic chemistry

Ph.D complemented in microorganisms chemistry

Ph.D complemented in Nanotechnologies ( en Nanotechnologie (semiconductors III-V)

Ph.D complemented in characterization

                                               of transesterification products for biodesel

                                               quality control 


  • Researcher with experience in microorganisms production in fermenters 

  • Researcher with work experience in the field of industrial research 

  • Professor at the University of Nanotechnologies (Brazil) 



Industrial Director - IDES BIO sas

Chemical and mechanical engineer

Masters in nutrition engineering.
  • Specializes in conceiving and building agronutrition factories in Brazil in the sugar cane and biodiesel fields
  • Expert in the biochemical transformation of proteins


Thierry CONROI


Deputy R&D Director - IDES BIO sas

Graduated in agronomy






  • Experience in research in the biotechnology field : tissue culture at Embrapa, cyanobacteria culture in France
  • Founder of Brasilvital, a company involved in the development of healthy food ingredients
  • Member of the French federation of spirulina producers.






Logistics Director - IDES BIO sas

Construction engineer
MBA in Environmental Management






  • Expert in maintenance of railway infrastructure
  • Expert in logistics, trading and logistics management major rail projects international (including metro projects), including the completion of port terminals
  • Previously Executive manager at the Brazilian rail carrier RUMO-ALL, where he contributed to the expansion of the Brazilian rail network (1.8 billion budget)






Manager  - IDES BRASIL

Commercial director - IDES BRASIL

















TRANSGOLF - Agência Maritima Ltda


Commercial Agent Brazil- IDES sas

Logistics Manager in Brazil - IDES sas



° Port Operator:
- Detailed and advanced planning for each operation contracted
- Performance with the appropriate equipment for each specific case
- Coordination of on shore transportation
- Recruitment, control of available merchandise vs. inventory
- Storage in silos
- Management of the loading and unloading operations in real time

° Forwarding :

- Optimization of the import and import clearance processes
- Long experience of the relationship with customers and authorities, efficient documentary service and quick deliveries















Commercial Agent France - IDES sas


Nos coordonnées en France :

IDES sas

19, Avenue d'Italie

75013 Paris

TVA intracommunautaire:



IDES BIO sas (J.E.I)

ThincLab Chalons

1, PL de la Comédie

51000 Châlons-en-Champagne

TVA intracommunautaire: FR52824417240


Nos coordonnées au Brésil:



Rua Presidente Getulio Vargas, 603  s/03

CEP 83.203-020  Palmital – Paranagua – Parana -  Brésil

CNPJ n. 28.808.486/0001-08